Eat Dirt

Last night at dinner we had a rousing discussion about eating dirt. Should he? Shouldn’t he? Did we? Didn’t we? Is it beneficial? Harmful? If so, how much? How much is enough? How much is too much?

It all started with Lake in the garden. Daddy comes home to find him eating dirt. Not just a little dirt. Fistfuls apparently. 

Nana proclaims, Eat a pound of dirt a day! is the sensibility she was raised with from her grandmother. But is that a saying or an actual amount?

Michael is worried about all the worm eggs and bacteria. Eww. Who wants that? On the other hand, I’m thinking a little bacteria could be good, assuming the soil is healthy and the bacteria are probiotic types. Grandpa exclaims he never ate dirt when he was a baby. Nana counters, 

Most certainly he did! Everyone does!

Meanwhile Lake blithely carries on eating the dirt…

Happy as can be!