Duck Dodge

This week our Tuesday Lindsin walk took us to Gasworks Park where we always appreciate the stunning view of The City. Such a Summer’s evening it was! And there was a delightful surprise in store for us when we came in view of the water. Not only was the park full of folks, but the lake was full of boats. More sailboats under sail than could certainly be a sensible amount on such a moderately sized lake as Lake Union. A frolicking regatta! We gazed at the scene while Lake enjoyed his picnic dinner (milkies). It was rather exhilarating as we watched more than a few near misses, collisions between sailboats and the pier. 

This is the Duck Dodge! A Seattle tradition since 1974. Tuesday evenings on Lake Union from May 9th to September 30th this season, watch the lake fill up with courageous sailors starting at 7pm. 

A perfect day! A perfect evening!

I’m glad I spent it with you. 

“I’m all ready to set sail!”

Lake is trying to tell me he’s all ready for his first sailing lesson. Maybe this will be a better setting: the only boat out on Newman Lake with Grandpa. Truly dodging ducks, and not other sailboats!

Captain Duane Murphy on Newman Lake, WA. June, 2017