Zoo plus plus

Lindsin brought us a triple header tonight: walk, Woodland Park Zoo, and Greenlake. 

The Zoo was a real treat this evening, empty and cool. We pulled a Tolle classic, the Zoo Coup. We arrived at 5:59pm, knowing that the zoo closes at 6pm. The doors and the indoor exhibits close at that time, however you’re able to stay on the grounds for an hour after closing. With the beautiful warm evening and the soft smokey peach sunset we felt like we were on safari. We had a great moseying walk. 

We aimed for the baby giraffe born June 20th, but alas, she was in the barn. Even so, the two adults in the yard put on quite a scene and won best animal for the visit. Lake was enthralled with the giraffes. It was the first time he really comprehended a live giraffe and his brain was clearly working in high drive!

Finally it was time to go. At Greenlake we met up with our German friends to say a quick hello!

And then Lake and I arrived home in the dark. A full day, a packed evening, a perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you!


Lake came out of the “talking-gate” speaking German. 

Ich. Ich. 

It means I, and he uses it mostly to indicate his desires, and mostly involving edibles. Like this evening, pointing at the blueberry bushes in our front yard that now have ripe blueberries on them after I picked a few for him. 

Ich. Ich. 

He wants more blueberries. Of course he does! He loves blueberries. 

His pronunciation is so beautiful!

Ich. Ich. Ich. 

Again this evening when we had the fruits and vegetables platters out for movie night. He wanted more grapes and jicama. 

Ich. Ich. 

Yes, Lake, Ich, Ich Ich Liebe Dich!

Garden harvest, including one delicious fig we shared. Ich. Ich!

Magnuson Park

Somehow the stars lined up and Michael and I managed to spend some quality time together Tuesday after work. We started out for a run around 7pm and ended up at Warren G. Magnuson Park.  The Burke Gilman Trail took us there. Hello Seattle summer evening! Hello neighborhood! Hello Lake Washington!

Family Portrait of Runners

Lake was really happy to go for an adventure in the jogging stroller. And especially to get out an explore. He was psyched to run around when we got to the shoreline, while the parents took a stretch break. It was an surprise destination and such a treat! The waves were big and the sun had set. The sky was a soft peach. Around us the dry fields of grass had such an aroma of summertime! 

Really fun. And then we had the homeward journey to test our mettle. There was some teamwork involved and some loud singing in the dark. We made it home, happily worn out, and celebrated our evenings’ accomplishment with banana-berry smoothies!


Let the show begin!

Suffice it to say, we didn’t have Totality, but we did have a Totally awesome time! We had our own special eclipse experience. Michael was going to be working evening shift, so he and Gam were able to come pick me up from work to check out the celestial goings on together. I worked late then too, but it was sooo worth it! I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the eclipse from approximately 9:09 to 11:39. It was so festive. Inexplicably exciting. Eclipsiting!
Just after 9 o’clock a kind coworker shared his solar viewing glasses with me and I took my first peek out the building’s windows. Breathtaking! Then by some good fortune, when we were in the courtyard we scored a few more pairs of glasses. We were equipped! So we set out on out mid Monday morning adventure. Walking along the Burke Gilman toward Gasworks Park, I kept saying 

I need another hit!

And then I’d put the solar glasses on and gaze at the perfectly crossing moon over sun. 

When we arrived at the Park, just a few minutes prior to the peak (our modest 92%) we were presented with the scene, a sea of Wallingford eclipse viewers. At exactly 10:21 am the whole crowd sent up a cheer. 

I was ridiculously happy! A perfect day, quite special, and I’m so glad I spent it with you!

Solar Eclipse: a crow conversation

So, the solar eclipse… feeling ready?

The solar eclipse is coming… are you feeling ready?

I don’t know… I don’t have the safety glasses. 

Me neither… Everywhere ran out. 

What do you think it will be like in Seattle? Dusk? No big deal? Like a cloudy day?

Well here’s the facts: The solar eclipse as viewed from Seattle will occur between 9:09-11:39 am with a peak of 91.7% at 10:21 am.

Yeah, but I hear the difference between 92% partial eclipse and 100% total eclipse is practically exponential. Like, they’ll be able to see stars in the Oregon desert. Like, they’ll be able to have spiritual awakenings and we won’t. 

Ahh, do you think it’s too late to fly down there?

We can wing it. 

Er, what are we going to do about our eyes? 

I read we can look with our back towards the sun, through a colander onto a white paper spread on the ground. 

Cool, why didn’t I think of that? Okay, let’s go!

Taste of Liz Doyle Yoga

Liz Doyle blew my mind yesterday. She did this once before several years ago, but then our paths didn’t cross again until now. Sometimes that happens with something that’s so outside the box. The mind can’t quite fit it into a preexisting box, so it “forgets”. And as my mind was in the process of being blown again, it all came back to me. A yoga class she taught at Sutra Yoga studio. She’s so gravity defying… and so much fun. 

This time I was her guest and I’ve come for a taste of her teaching style. I’m investigating my path to becoming a certified yoga instructor! The journey commences with this two hour Yoga Asana Intensive among her assorted collection of yogi devoteés. Many, I later discovered, are yoga teachers themselves. Right away it should be a signal that this is not your ordinary teacher or your ordinary class, when the other students are instructing you on how to set up your mats. It’s the signature Liz Doyle double crossing configuration. Is this the patented Liz Doyle Yoga Cross Mat practice setup? Yes, you will be using every bit of those mats as you twist and turn and pay homage to each direction. 

Liz Doyle cross mat setup
I felt like I walked into a Cirque du Soleil training as “Yumi” started warming up by lifting her downward dog into straddle handstands. Straddle handstands?!

Liz likes to go right into them,

she explains by way of justification. And straddle handstands we did go right into! For most classes a downward dog might be the refrain, the resting pose that we revisit again and again throughout class. Not for Liz, her refrain resting pose sings the tune of the straddle handstand. Then there was the moment for the pose:

Answer your foot-phone. 

Okay. What?! I give the sole of my foot a kiss hello. This was not your regular sun-salutation-based-vinyasa-flow-with-a-peak-pose thrown in there for the teacher to show off a bit and humble you a bit, just to  let you know you’ve got a long ways to go. Liz is fun and empowering. We laugh a lot. At one point while facing the North, she suggests letting your inner vision be bathed in cerulean blue. 

The class might have been called an arm stand workshop intensive. It was a veritable arm stand feast. If you were hungry for arm stands, this might have satiated you. For the moment. And then you’d be ready for more. And arm stands and inversions, for those who know me and my yoga practice, are not my particular strength. Yet?! Liz Doyle has a way of keeping them coming… until one clicks, and off you go?!

Astavakrasana: eight angle, or eight crooked limb, arm balance pose. 

This one surprised me when, practicing on the second side, I managed some hang-time. When I caught the air sensation I didn’t want to stop. We laughed. Then, I started to get the feel for the straddle handstand and get a little lift… a hint of an opening of possibility. Sometimes that’s all you need in life to keep engaged in the possibilities. A taste… 

Perfectly delicious. I’m glad I spent it with you. Thank you, Liz Doyle!

Liz Doyle and me bathed in cerulean blue at Sattva Yoga in Redmond, WA


It’s Lake’s third haircut already. In some ways it’s getting easier and in some ways more challenging. I, as the hairdresser, I’m getting more skilled; he as the boy, he’s getting more active. Last night after every disciplined parent has their chidldren washed brushed and in bed, Lake is sitting on the bathroom counter playing with all my makeup and brushes. Maybe I was brushing my teeth, but I get the idea to seize the opportunity to cut his hair. It, like Lake, is growing so fast. So, I commit myself with the first snip to giving Lake a haircut.  He is perfectly absorbed in playing with my cosmetics. One by one he drops them in the sink. 

Then he gets the lid off the jar of coconut oil and starts dipping the brushes in there. Combined with the fine hairs of his haircut, the mess and feelings of chaos are quickly mounting. 

I want to finish what I’ve started though.  As long as he is distracted his head remains still and therefore beautifully and unwittingly posed for this haircut. Somehow we make it to a place where the ends and sides even enough by the 80/20 rule. Voila!

Play Together 

Michael and Lake running into the sunset at Greenlake Park
Lake contemplating the evening
Lake gets a rest break to grab some rocks and sand

Sunset glowing still after running all the way around the lake

You know the saying, play together, stay together, and that’s what we are all about. Although all the photos feature us each separately, we went outside and played together. It was delightful. A perfect evening. The sunset went on and on for an eternity. We ran to Greenlake with Lake in the jogging stroller and ran around. We played hard! 5.3 mile run plus cool down. After dinner I fell fast asleep nursing Lake while sitting upright in the chair. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

Mt. Pilchuck

John Riley and Lake summit Mt. Pilchuck

We did it! Mt. Pilchuck is a popular destination among the faculty and students of the University of Washington School of Pharmacy. I’m not sure why it is the pharmacy darling of dayhikes, but it does have a noteworthy fire lookout turned hikers shelter capping the summit. So, after hearing about this hike for many years, yesterday our friend John Riley finally made it happen. Michael was working this weekend, however he, of course had already hiked it in pharmacy school. So, Lake and I were the lucky beneficiaries to join John Riley! It was a great hike. A perfect day for it, the air had cooled and cleared of smoke and haze there were even some sprinkles of rain. 

Happy to be in the mountain forest!
Rest stop makes for fun exploring

Lake had a blast playing on the rest breaks. The summit is no place for a baby-turned-toddler to play. The breathtaking exposure! I had a good scare, first hearing about the various hikers falling to their deaths up here and then we arrived and whew! When Lake threw his apple over the edge, my reflexes jumped and I started sobbing. It was like Lake went over the edge in that split second and smashed on the rocks below. John actually had him safely in the backpack the whole time and everything was safe and sound. Thank you John Riley for carrying Lake the whole way up and down again too! Thank you for the perfect day!

Bergluft macht schlank!

Sunsink Swim

Gam and I walked down to Greenlake to watch the sunset and have a cooling relaxing visit this evening. It was more of a sunsink, as we watched the bright reddish pink orb silently drop into an absorbent bed of charcoal. I went for a swim. The water looked so inviting as I am a hot mess, nursing a bit of a septic mastitis. So refreshing, indeed!