Due to some sudden changes of plans, Lake and I were home (mostly) alone for the weekend. 

Since we had some unexpected down time today, we spent it chillaxing. We worked hard at our leisure. I read that it’s more rewarding and we’re happier people if we do our relaxing the hard way. Either there’s something to that, or Lake’s just such a big sweetheart. It was delightful to spend a meandering day together with Lake.

We started out the morning by heading down to the U District Farmers Market where Lake toddled around free range having a grand time. He garnered the remark that he looked like the Mayor of the Market. He was happy to listen to the buskers’ music and dole out hugs and high fives to unsuspecting folks. We  did our shopping too and loaded up on the height of summer’s fresh produce, blueberries, and ginger beer. We stopped and ate delicious Indian food from Tandoozy three times, but hey, who’s counting? (Oh, yeah, the emailed reciepts are.) We also tried Sea Wolf bread for the first time, which apparently has quite a cult following in the area. We can see why! At home we picked blackberries in the vacant lot next door. Then Lake and I both enjoyed a nice long midday nap. 

In the afternoon we played in the garden. We daydreamed. We watered. 

We walked over to some friends house to help them out with their cat while they’re away. 

On the way home we visited our favorite bookstore: Ravenna Third Place Books. We spoiled ourselves with new books. We went home via Ravenna Park and when we got home we played in the garden some more. We enjoyed the fruits of our labor, a nice Tolle-dinner of smoked salmon from Westport on a bed of mixed greens from Wild Hare Organic Farm. To cap it off we had fun getting cleaned up and playing in the bath then back out into the garden while FaceTiming Nana. There was even a failed attempt to ride Mr. Cat that ended in a hug-face plant. 

We simply had a perfect day of chillaxing. I’m so glad I spent it with you, Lake!

Dinner for Two

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