Night Out

Lake and I caught the tail end of our neighborhood Seattle “Night Out” Against Crime Block Party last night. We were on our typical post-work epic Tuesday Lindsin adventure and as I walked home from her place in Wallingford I passed through many blocked off streets with different iterations of the same thing: neighbors enjoying each other’s friendship, some delicious food, and quite a few kids playing scrappy ball in the streets. So nice having the streets free from vehicle traffic. Neighbors smiling and visiting. Kids could play football or chalk up the roads. When we arrived to our little party everyone was great about including Lake. He went right for it and got instantly absorbed into the festivities, eating chalk, chasing balls, and hugging the big kids. 

Lake’s playing with the super sweet six year-old, his new best friend!

It was pretty startling when the street was opened back up, because as we were reluctant to leave each other’s company, we were still relaxing in the middle of the street post official part end. It’s true we felt so safe and free of crime. Two university police were at our block’s party on 17th Avenue. Lake petted their K-9 police dog Harley (no photo). She was a sweetheart, and very tolerant of Lake’s exploration… 

so what kind of cat with the very short hair and tail is this?

He is accustomed to cat world at home…

We love our home, our neighborhood and our friends and family! It’s always a perfect day when some combination of those involve a nice walk too! 

Lindsin with the Lindsay as pre-func to the block party
Pre-func’ing on Lake Union at Gasworks Park

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