Let the show begin!

Suffice it to say, we didn’t have Totality, but we did have a Totally awesome time! We had our own special eclipse experience. Michael was going to be working evening shift, so he and Gam were able to come pick me up from work to check out the celestial goings on together. I worked late then too, but it was sooo worth it! I couldn’t concentrate on anything but the eclipse from approximately 9:09 to 11:39. It was so festive. Inexplicably exciting. Eclipsiting!
Just after 9 o’clock a kind coworker shared his solar viewing glasses with me and I took my first peek out the building’s windows. Breathtaking! Then by some good fortune, when we were in the courtyard we scored a few more pairs of glasses. We were equipped! So we set out on out mid Monday morning adventure. Walking along the Burke Gilman toward Gasworks Park, I kept saying 

I need another hit!

And then I’d put the solar glasses on and gaze at the perfectly crossing moon over sun. 

When we arrived at the Park, just a few minutes prior to the peak (our modest 92%) we were presented with the scene, a sea of Wallingford eclipse viewers. At exactly 10:21 am the whole crowd sent up a cheer. 

I was ridiculously happy! A perfect day, quite special, and I’m so glad I spent it with you!

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