Magnuson Park

Somehow the stars lined up and Michael and I managed to spend some quality time together Tuesday after work. We started out for a run around 7pm and ended up at Warren G. Magnuson Park.  The Burke Gilman Trail took us there. Hello Seattle summer evening! Hello neighborhood! Hello Lake Washington!

Family Portrait of Runners

Lake was really happy to go for an adventure in the jogging stroller. And especially to get out an explore. He was psyched to run around when we got to the shoreline, while the parents took a stretch break. It was an surprise destination and such a treat! The waves were big and the sun had set. The sky was a soft peach. Around us the dry fields of grass had such an aroma of summertime! 

Really fun. And then we had the homeward journey to test our mettle. There was some teamwork involved and some loud singing in the dark. We made it home, happily worn out, and celebrated our evenings’ accomplishment with banana-berry smoothies!

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