Lake came out of the “talking-gate” speaking German. 

Ich. Ich. 

It means I, and he uses it mostly to indicate his desires, and mostly involving edibles. Like this evening, pointing at the blueberry bushes in our front yard that now have ripe blueberries on them after I picked a few for him. 

Ich. Ich. 

He wants more blueberries. Of course he does! He loves blueberries. 

His pronunciation is so beautiful!

Ich. Ich. Ich. 

Again this evening when we had the fruits and vegetables platters out for movie night. He wanted more grapes and jicama. 

Ich. Ich. 

Yes, Lake, Ich, Ich Ich Liebe Dich!

Garden harvest, including one delicious fig we shared. Ich. Ich!

One thought on “Ich

  1. That’s so cool. I hope Jo keeps talking to him in German. Bi-lingual Baby.  So much easier to pick up when they’re young. Maybe he could get some Thai in too. And then some Swedish. .. What are you doing for Michael’s birthday?I thought maybe you all would get some vacation time at your folks lake house. You’ve gotten a lot of summer fun while the sun shines here!. I guess it rained almost 10 inches in 3 days up in Ketchikan. Love this spellchecker. …when I type in K it comes up with Kuaui. Trying to plan a trip to Ketchikan and did not want to miss another event. Oliver is starting 1st grade already. Sniff. I’ll probably come home with some unknown practically fatal disease like usual. Better get my flu shot first! Kiss that liebshin (sp) for me. LoveJulie 

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