Grounded and Growing
Thanks to Jo for working this weekend, I had a little mummycation. A vacation from the tightly scheduled working-mum lifestyle of the past ten months. I was not at the pharmacy and not with Lake for a full 18 hours. 

It was an opportunity for self-care and relationship care and a bit of laundry too. It was a grounding mummycation amongst all the growing of the past year. 

I took a bath. I took a nap. With the help of my friend Cami, I Marie Kondo’d my clothes. I went running with my husband. We had several quality relationship rambles. I relished the revival of the piggyback ride! I love carrying Lake and we are blessed to have him in our lives for sure; even so, it’s a treat to take a break and be the one getting carried every now and again. 

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