Trick or Treat

Generous neighbors!

Our Little Horse took right to the trick-or-treating routine, showing a natural aptitude for gleaning candy from neighbors. Perhaps at times more candy than they had originally planned on parting with! He galloped up the front porch steps and smiled sanguinely as he blithely pawed through the candy bowls. 

Since he’s so tiny and precious even the most strict “only one candy per person” households melted as he came up triumphant with fistfuls of candy. Then he swiftly planted them into his “feedbag.” Onto the next neighbor! He cantered freely across the lawns…

It was the most festive neighborhood event we’ve yet experienced in our relatively new neighborhood. It was a gorgeous night with bright moon and fairly warm… beautiful sunset… no rain! Plenty of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns…

We weren’t sure how many trick or treaters to expect being that today marks our first Halloween in our home here. So after a tip off from a neighbor I ran into this morning who whispered, “4:30 pm”, we stationed Jo and Gam with Lake and a big box of chip bags… at least 30 bags of chips. Jo calls me at 5:30 when I’m on my way home: 

People are wondering where you are. Also there’s only two bags of chips left, bring reinforcements!

Okay, I’ll get candy… you can offer them something from our fruit bowl if need be… a pear, apple or banana!

I don’t think it came to that dire potentiality, where we became known as the fruit-bowl trick-or-treat family. But of course Lake took the opportunity and helped himself to a pear!

We had a really fun evening! First handing out candy from home, then turning off our porch light and trooping out and about around the neighborhood, meeting and re-meeting our neighbors. Hey, didn’t I just see you at your house?! Happy Halloween!

More tricks than treats for us!
Ready for the trick or treaters… or so we thought!
Raring for trick-or-treating…

One thought on “Trick or Treat

  1. Next year I’m coming to your house! Sounds like so much fun. We ate chocolate and watched “Frankenweinie”
    What a funky movie.
    Greg had a pretty good crash yesterday on his bike so he’s a bloody mess and me restocking my food supply.
    Not the liveliest evening.

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