Cats and Dogs

Our household is all about the cats! (Cats and books, really.) 

Cat: it’s one of Lake’s five words, if you fudge on the pronunciation. Dat! Dicky dat! He can even miau. Last night he really fell for the stuffed calico we found at East West bookstore amongst all the yoga books. 

We only got out of there gracefully after saying goodbye to the kitty with kisses, about seven from Lake and several, at Lake’s insistence, from me. I think it’s safe to say, Lake is a VanLaanen through and through… Lake loves all cats!

So tonight we went a new route. We took Lake to a Husky event: women’s volleyball at the Hec Ed Alaska Airlines Pavalion. It was an exciting game against Stanford. There was the crowd, the pep band, cheer squad, bright lights, and great volleys! Lake had a blast! He was dancing and cheering and clapping. Where does he learn these things? He catches on so quickly, it boggles my mind. Today he was blinking back at me. Cute! But then in the evening when I was telling Michael about it, he started blinking. Exaggerated blinking. And laughing! Like 

I know blinking! I got this blinking. See, I know what you’re talking about. I’m here!

We walked home from the volleyball match and it started raining cats and dogs.