Morning Briefing 

Lake and “Candy” out and about for a downtown morning adventure to the aquarium.

Fantastic! This morning Michael prepped me with a morning briefing before he left for work. 

It’s eight o’clock. Here’s a glass of water. Jo starts in 20 minutes. You have the day off. It’s Veterans’ Day. Your yoga teacher training begins tonight!

It was really something! I felt oriented and awake. So then I prepped Lake:

You’re going to the aquarium today!

In the afternoon we had some fun taking photos and reminiscing. I engage in reflections about the spiral nature of time as I rake the leaves and head out to Greenlake. We are coming around again through the familiar seasons with our beloved familiars. Some changes, some similarities. 

One year ago…

And back to today…

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!