10 Months, what’s next? — Honestly Jo

A poignant message from Joanna-Denise Baykal as she readies for her next experience… meanwhile our new au pair search continues! Wish us luck and enjoy this beautiful German essay:

Hallo ihr lieben, ich melde mich nach längerer Zeit wieder mit einem neuen Eintrag zurück. In genau acht Wochen ist mein Au Pair Jahr hier in Seattle um. Meine Gefühlslage: Zur Zeit sehne ich mich sehr nach Deutschland, meiner Familie und meinen Freunden. Ich wünschte mir manchmal einfach für ein paar Tage in meiner gewohnten […]

via 10 Months, what’s next? — Honestly Jo

Pajama Lounge 

The latest in interior design is a comeback of the second-floor living room, or so-called pajama lounge, a more private and intimate space for relaxing together as a family. We have a modest pajama lounge in the hallway landing at the top of the stairs that is big on impact. Last night Lake was playing football/soccer there and sometimes we all do some yoga or inversions together. In our pajamas, of course!

Pajama lounging with Mr. Silky on the heating vent!

Lake has a strong sense of balance and a strong sense of fun! 

Sometimes we have been known to horse around in our pajamas on the main floor too!