Trees of Quinault

The expression “In like a lion, out like a lamb; In like a lamb, out like a lion,” came to mind this morning. March 1st heralded a benevolence of warm Spring air belying the snow of last week and potentially stormy weather ahead. When we were in Quinault on Presidents’ Day, we had to visit the July Creek Picnic Area, site of a rather notable recent extreme weather event: The blowdown of January 27, 2018. At approximately 1:26am a very strong northerly wind estimated around 60 mph created by a “high amplitude mountain wave on the upstream ridge (lee)” which then evolved into a rotor circulation, hit the isolated area around July Creek (from the North) with such focus and velocity as to fell numerous grandfather trees. The (excerpts below) describes the interesting phenomenon with Sherlock Holmes-like character if you wish to read more. We stood in awe.

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