Yoga for Beginners

I started an eight month yoga teacher training in November and it’s already halfway through. It was one of those things on my Bucket List, but not for long. As soon as I wrote “become a yoga teacher,” I was immediately motivated to manifest the realization. After soliciting recommendations from the Sutra Yoga community I researched and reached out to a few talented teachers. After interviewing and investigation, I knew right away that Tami Hafzalla and Jodi Boone (Synergy Yoga School) was the right fit for me. It has been truly amazing and incredibly enriching to have the opportunity to study, train and practice with the current group of twenty mature, wise and accomplished women. It’s a treat to enjoy biweekly/monthly weekend intensives all together. In between meetings I spend my evenings and any available time reading the Yoga Sutras, The Bagavad Gita and contemporary yoga literature as well as writing reflection papers.

Part of the training program is to observe and assist our yoga teachers conducting classes. After twenty years of practicing yoga, either on my own or in a class setting, it’s such a different experience to be walking around amongst the group, assisting the teacher to instruct the students. The difference between seeing patients and being the patient. Just because you’re both in the same room sharing the same conversation does not mean the experience is similar, or that one prepares you for the other. Perspective and role informs the situation and as a yoga teacher assistant I begin to think about the construction of the class and offering guidance in yoga philosophy and technique.

My biggest role as a yoga teacher assistant so far is to offer hands-on adjustments to the students. To gently and wisely influence and augment the students’ practices in a non-verbal way. Also, this weekend Steve/Sheev Davis (Samadhi Yoga Center), guest instructor, gave us a tutorial on teaching for beginners. These skills are all gradually building my own inner yoga teacher and my beautiful family receives the first pass.

They been phenomenal throughout. I couldn’t pursue this path without their support. Husband and mother-in-law taking turns spending days, afternoons and evenings with Lake while I’m away. Everyone benefits from the arrangement really, and I’m filled with extreme gratitude.

4 thoughts on “Yoga for Beginners

  1. Lovely read I am feeling the same gratitude at the minute. I am also just over halfway through my teacher training and the experience has been life changing already 🙂

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