Two Ounces

I pumped two ounces tonight with my new Medela Hand Pump, and sweated more than that in anxiety. It’s the first time I’ve found myself in a necessary pumping experience. At 22 months post-partum, I’m filled with awe and gratitude that every day up until now Lake and I have been together. It’s special both ways: that we’ve been so uniquely bonded for the past 22 months as to be actually feeding, every day, multiple times a day, at the breast, and that we are able to have our own adventures this weekend apart from each other and not require us to cease breastfeeding. It’s certainly a memorable milestone: our first weekend apart.

I’m at the Sleeping Lady Resort attending a Synergy Yoga Retreat and Lake is at Nana-Camp with Nana and Baba for the weekend. Friday has been a perfect day, and a courageous day for all involved. Good night, pray sleep soundly, and sweet dreams my loves. I’ve got my two ounces “on the rocks” at my bedside table.

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