Sleeping Lady to non-Sleeping Lady

After the yoga retreat at Sleeping Lady, which lived up to its name, I came home Sunday to a very sick baby. It was a bumpy landing. I had had a restful and rejuvenating weekend of yoga, once I got through the initial fear of our separation. I was free and living joyfully. Lake had had a lovely weekend with my parents too, sleeping through the nights and generally enjoying himself to the maximum. By Sunday evening though, he was hot with fever and didn’t want to sleep. He could only find some semblance of solace though breastfeeding. All. Night. Long. It was Sleepless Lady for me. Fortunately I’d been concentrated on self-care all weekend at the Sleeping Lady Resort and my vessel was filled up. I was able to draw on my reserves right away! It was an immediate and very real situation inviting me to put my yoga into practice. We survived the night of constant hydration and never topped 100.1F. Monday has given us a rather discomfited baby, but an opportunity for recuperating and practicing patient compassion nonetheless. A perfectly imperfect day; I’m glad I spent it with you.

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