How to be an Earth Mama

Happy Earth Day! How do you get to be an Earth Mama? Celebrate the Earth everyday! Arrange your lifestyle around a walk, bike or bus route as your mainstay of transportation. Eat organic! Plant some kale! Know your recycling rules. Take your self and your family outside every day for a nature bath. And lastly on this in-exhaustive list: use cloth diapers for your little one(s)! So far Lake’s claim to fame after having been in [cloth] diapers for nearly two years is saving over 4 trees, 6 barrels of oil, and 2,000 pounds of garbage. I’m so happy I can give him and the Earth that gift so easily through the Baba Diaper Service. I am proud to be an Earth Mama. In what ways are you an Earth Mama? I’d love to hear!

xoxo Tolle

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