How tall will your adult baby be?

This is the question that our family is constantly considering… How tall will your adult baby be? How tall will Lake grow up to be? We’re fairly obsessed with this question in our house. Since Michael is 6 1/2 feet tall, he’s always enjoyed the benefits of height. He’s anxious to pass that along to Lake. Lake has always pleasantly hovered around 75-80 percentile for height, however according to our pediatrician, that is not a strong correlation for adult height. It turns out that the best predictor for adult height is the toddler height at 30 months (1 1/2 years old).simply double the height at 30 months. Voila, you’ve got a pretty good estimate of your baby’s fully grown adult stature. “You’ve got to keep feeding him, you know”, our friend gently reminded us. Well that, and we’re grateful for his health and joy too, no matter what his size.

“Lake is so long” says Grandma Annie. Long and tall like Daddy? Six more months until we can do the 30 month maths!

One thought on “How tall will your adult baby be?

  1. Michael was pretty much off the charts for his generation or perhaps the generation before him as that chart always changes according to the generational norm.

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