Salmon Berries: local and native

It’s special having Ravenna Park here in Seattle and so close to home. These long evenings nearby to Summer Solstice lend themselves to outdoor adventures, to exploring our own neighborhood, to reveling joyfully in new experiences. It’s the salmon berries that catch my attention. These woods here are a bit of the woods from back home on the [Olympic] peninsula. The salmon berries show me that I am in my native land. I felt it my duty as a mother and a native Pacific Northwesterner. I must introduce Lake to the tart, bitter, watery, and yet sometimes plump, flavorful and slightly sweet, always alluring bold orange berries that are the hallmark gems of the coastal lowland forest. He ate them up! Lake loved it as I told him the story of their native origins and he wanted to keep eating those late spring early summer jewels of the forest.

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