On the Farm

During the last hot spell we went to Port Townsend as climate refugees. We stayed on our dear friend Nora’s farm, Amity Fiber Farm. This is where I’ve been having deep conversations about life since my late teens. Very special people. Very special place. This is where Michael and I honeymooned in their romantic garden trailer honeymoon suite “The Can”. It was exquisite to be finally back for a visit…with Lake!

Lake loved it! He kept saying: “On the Farm!” And I would answer, “yes, it doesn’t get much more ‘on the farm’ than this!” as we’re standing knee deep in sheep! Lake got to look for eggs and pet the cat and go to the beach. He took to Nora like a duck to water and began calling her “Nonna”, Italian for grandmother. Fitting since Nora has this great idea involving a local grandmother grandkids share, where interested parties get matched to a local “grandchild”. All local and organic of course! I got to poke around in the garden and admire Nora’s local plant pigment dyeing projects. What a perfect stay On the Farm, warm with love and woolly “ba’s”, yet cool with ocean breeze! Thank you “Nonna” Nora and Ed for the perfect stay!