Blue Chip

Lake uses the word “blue” to denote his premium preference, his favorite, his blue chip choice, as in “of the highest quality.”

It started out “blue ‘jamas” so you might be tempted to think that he’s referring to pajamas that are actually blue. The “blue ‘jamas,” however, are actually the Christmas pajamas and have been for a few months now. Then there have been other “blue” prized possessions. For example, his request for wearing his “blue shoes,” which tend to be referring to his strappy brown leather sandals but also occasionally mean his grey canvas boat shoes.

Tonight it was “Blue Tom Park” when we were setting out for a picnic at our local city park. Our local Neighborhood Park is his favorite Tom Park?! It’s the gold standard in Tom Parks? It’s the original Tom Park for sure. It’s blue Tom Park. Lake has discerning Blue Chip taste.

Our blue chip child (pictured here enjoying the Port Townsend waterfront with blue relatives a few weeks back).