“Bumped His Head”

It was a pretty cliche Friday night. He was jumping on the bed and he fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, you will be charged $25 for an after hours pager call back. Enter your number after the beep. Daddy said no, he’s fine. It’s a split lip but not all the way through, just a lot of blood. So mama called Nana who cheered us all up, saying he was already on the mend. Lake went back to jumping on the bed. He was actually singing this song too… complete with “No more jumping on the bed!” Whist he jumped… grinning.

Owl eyed

In the Portland Sunday heat, we spent most of the day indoors appreciating our friends’ air conditioning. Late afternoon we did rally for a walk in the Moonshadow Woods Nature Area. We explored the park in a way I never had before in all my years of visiting and familiarly walking “the loop.” This time we were a kid troupe lead by a First Grader and we went off-trail. In the midst of playing and eating blackberries, I looked up, and a pair of eyes were looking back at me. We all shared an amazing experience of communing with two beautiful Bard Owls. One owl was particularly near, and when a sudden my movement initiated him taking flight he settled in a higher alder tree branch. He then gazed at his mate across from him on another alder tree, giving her away. They were extremely camouflaged.

We had been intrepidly exploring, rather unawares, and were very close for quite a bit before I looked up with the sense of being watched. Indeed, not three meters away an owl was making owl eyes at me. We all made owl eyes in return. It was a special day, I’m glad I spent it with you!