Peach Bath and Peach Pie

I’m not sure that I can say with any certainty who likes the bath more: Lake or Mummy. And this is Lake’s bath we’re talking about. Lake loves a bath. He still prefers the kitchen sink location for bathing. This suits me perfectly. Lake’s bath is my sanity. On the weekends that Michael works and Luisa is of course off, the hours seem to loom out forever. Sunday he may have had four baths. Hey, fantastic. At least one of them was a “peach bath”. And at least one of them produced a peach pie!

I’m currently in a state of marvel of how parents really manage. I’m mostly the evenings and weekends mum. And still in the middle of a weekend its easy to feel overwhelmed. So with Lake happy in the bath, I can breathe and do stuff. Laundry, cleaning up, tidying, eating, enjoying my coffee, and cooking, or making fruit pies. Yes, that’s right. We made a peach pie (crisp actually) for Daddy’s Birthday. Lake loves a bath! Lake loves peaches! Lake loves a peach bath. Lake loves peach crisp. Lake loves Mami and Mami loves Lake!

We love Daddy too! Happy Birthday Michael!

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