Mama do Yoga

One of Lake’s favorite expressions is Mama Do Yoga! Sometimes it’s a sweet question, “mama do yo’ga?” Sometimes it’s a cry of joy, “mama do yoga!” Often it’s accompanied by a strategic plan of something Lake wants. It’s a kind of gift he’s offering me, “yoga?” as a lure, yet also with an ulterior motive. “Lake look at pic’tures and mama do yoga!…(?)” He looks at me beseechingly with his beguiling and crafty innocence. It usually works. He’s got my number! (and then he’s also got my cell phone! … requisitioned for the purpose of looking at the photo album). It’s true: Mama loves yoga! And Lake loves looking at pictures!

Thanks for being my yoga champion, Lake! For your price of admission, I’m getting a great deal. I seize any opportunity to yoga with you. And here we are with Nana and Baba at Kalaloch beach. A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you!

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