Bloomies to Newman

Newman Lake is exceptionally lovely the first weekend in May. Hence our family tradition to make an early season pilgrimage to Point Petite with Bloomsday as the excuse. NanaBaba have spruced it up something fierce, hot showers and potable tap water to name a few luxury improvements. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

Here were the first warm days of the year… we were quite lucky in that regard with our timing. Many folks were out as a result. More than usual, we remarked. There were many neighborly visits sprinkled throughout our long weekend. Friendly Folksy We quickly fell into the rhythm of the lake lifestyle and adopted a relaxed pace of fun-filled family activities. We canoed at sunset, practiced yoga on the dock, sat around the cozy fire, waded, swam and went hiking in the woods. So relaxing! My happy place is becoming my family’s happy place, too. So special!

2 thoughts on “Bloomies to Newman

  1. Hi Tolle and Mike and Lake and Louisa and Langley: Thank you for the beautiful pictures of where you are, it’s lovely. The weather is soooo perfect, yes? And thank you for the blogs and keeping us informed.

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