Bloomsday 2019

Bloomsday is a family tradition going back to my grandparents. If you’re interested in making it part of your tradition too, I invite you: it’s a 12 kilometer road race (run/walk/stroll) in Spokane, Washington… always the first Sunday in May. This year it was a beautiful sunny day and we joined 34643 total runners and walkers to complete the 12K 7.5 mile race.

Thanks to our first au pair Joanna-Denise coming to visit all the way back from Germany to push Lake in the stroller, Michael and I got to run together. So kind of her to make a returning guest appearance at Bloomsday. So while Jo was pushing Lake with Denise, Michael and I actually raced it together! We somewhat surprised ourselves with the achievement of 9 minute splits! It had been a while since I’d run it as opposed to walked this race given maternal factors. This year I ran fast and I finished 13th among the women of my own age (356). Yea mama!

Lake had a great time too! At 2:31… his time was really compliments primarily of Jo’s muscle as he rode along in the stroller eating fruit. Auntie Denise also helped out with the pushing and kept the pace brisk. Lake “ran” 20 minute miles for 7.5 miles! Way to go team!

What a memorable Bloomsday 2019. The whole VanLaanen Family earned their finisher t-shirts this year! Maybe next year Lake can run a few of those miles!

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