Boy in the Boat

Lake is a boy who loves being in the boat and on the water! Reading Boys in the Boat while pregnant with Lake Michael and I had grand aspirations for Lake being a big tall strapping crew member at UW and rowing to Olympic Gold. Then after a couple years he started to develop his own personality and it becomes harder to project our own fantasies and imaginations onto him. Now we just are along for the ride. And what a ride it is!

Lake had a thrill renting kayaks from Agua Verde Paddle Club with Luisa when Jo was visiting last week. Boy in the kayak on Lake Union.

And paddling around with us and Jo earlier this month in Eastern Washington. Boy in the Canoe on Newman Lake!

Were aoften our and about on the Washington State Ferries. Here’s a happy Boy in the Ferry Boat on the Salish Sea!

And now Lake is getting all packed up and ready to set sail to Alaska on the cruise boat with NanaBaba! Thank you in advance NanaBaba for the upcoming Alaskan adventures. So exciting to be sleeping in the boat and on the water for a whole week.

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