Luisa’s Birthday Entertainment

We celebrated Luisa’s 20th Birthday with an evening of joy filled antics. To start we sang “Happy Birthday, dear Luisa” and opened presents… Lake helping. Then we bicycle caravanned down to Greenlake and had dinner at Rosita’s where Luisa was serenaded by the mariachi band. After dinner we rode our bicycles around the lake, Luisa pulling Lake in the trailer. Michael and I were riding the tandem bicycle and it was quite a thrill! Such a beautiful evening. There was even a rainbow! We horsed around on the beach for Luisa’s amusement. You’re only turning 20 once! But we can all relive the feeling. So much fun! Happy Birthday Luisa! A perfect day, a perfect age… we’re glad you’re spending it with us!

2 thoughts on “Luisa’s Birthday Entertainment

  1. Dear sweet Tolle: Believe me when I say a family that plays together, stays together. You guys are simply amazing. I truly love hearing about all of your very active lives. Tolle, will you go on a walk with me when we get to Belfair State Park? I would love to go about 5 miles, if we have the time. It would be a great chance to visit and I’d love the company, however we can manage it.

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