Dear Reader,

If you’ve been missing my newsy reports and updates on Lake’s sweet toddler antics, that’s because he’s been at Camp NanaBaba since the beginning of the month. We’ve been missing his sweet self, too! So, here’s a gift from last month. We were visiting his friends Maicy Jane and Hazel in Portland, and what luck… we went out to the carnival! It was Lake’s first time at the carnival, and it was amazing! He was riding the rides, playing the arcade, and Maicy and he even won at a game booth. She sweetly deferred to him to choose a prize… a sequined dolphin! He absolutely had a blast with his friends, and his mind was blown, just a little! Enjoy the bright eyed photos! We’ll be reuniting with Lake at Newman Lake on Saturday, just a few days away. Then more cuteness awaits!

With love,

Lake and Tolle

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