Mountain Climber

“You have to deal with being on the mountain when you’re three”, proclaims the wee sage Lake. “When you’re a mountain climber.”

He was reluctant to climb up the mountain often singing his refrain of “I want to be carried,” We introduced summit treats for motivation and it worked magnificently. “I’m so excited about that ‘stomach’ treat, Mummy,” Lake kept saying and it gave him an extra spring in his step. Then when the sun was setting and it was time to head back to our room at Paradise Inn and have some dinner time, he wanted to keep climbing! He didn’t want to turn around.

On our first day out we saw the mountain, three deer, a close up marmot and four ptarmigans and heard there was a bear sighting an hour prior. Then the fog set in for the next few days.

We enjoyed reading by the fire and taking short walks with Lake up into the shrouded mountains.

Saturday the skies cleared again and we were able to get out for a big hike. Lake hiked all the way up to Glacier Point, and then when Lake and Michael turned back to hike down the Alta Vista Trail, Mama went on to continue the big loop. Theair was so freah and the mountains were calling toward Panorama Point and hiking the rest of the Skyline Trail, accomplishing her goal to see some Black Bears, ( a mother and her cub ambling across the huckleberry slope grazing as they went), some snow and five gamboling mountain goats. We also ended up seeing so many marmots as to lose track completely! We even saw a pair tussling like sumo wrestlers.

A perfect day at Paradise, I’m glad we have this annual birthday tradition for Michael and I’m glad I spent it with you!

One thought on “Mountain Climber

  1. Yes, my observation of Lake is that he has an “old soul”. He is totally reasonable for a three year old. At the family camp when Grandpa Ken got upset about this or that, Lake just took it all in stride and did his best to accommodate his Grandpa. Such a mature response. He will be such a wonderful older brother. His sister is sooo lucky to come into such a family.


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