I love you, too!

“Gute nacht, schlaff gut. Bis Morgen,” I say.

“Good night!” Lake says.

“I love you!” I say

He replies: “I love you too! Good night!”

So sweet. Heart melting

This night after tuck in, Lake begins wailing. After a few minutes pause as it grows louder and more insistent, I go to check what is deeply concerning the small lad at this critical juncture of sleeping time. He is upset because his bear pajamas are creeping up his calf’s to his knees. “I think they are too small. I don’t think pulling them down towards your ankles will help honey. It will just keep riding back up all night. They are too small. Would you like to pick out a new pair and give them to baby sister?” He agrees to the wisdom of new pajamas for 3 year olds, and requests the cat pajamas like I have on. “These pajamas are for two year olds,” he astutely proclaims. “So you want to give them to baby sister?” He catches me off guard by offering further analysis. “These are not for baby sister, because they’re for two year olds. She’s zero.” !

“Good night”, I say.

“I love you!” he calls after me.

What a guy. I love this guy! And really… what a perfect evening, truly, I’m so glad I spent it with you!

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