First Day Of School

It was a whole family affair getting Lake ready for his first day of school. Mama was more nervous than Lake to get him ready for his first day of German Language School (GLS) as part of Frau Birgit Zischke’s Kindergarten class. There’s a great deal of pressure to achieve die Pünktlichkeit, the prized German punctuality. We did indeed make it right on time! As soon as we arrived we were swept up in the German community and even Michael got into the spirit of things with buying for breakfast eine Brezel! Lake was so excited to be part of the class and hearing his name called out he raises his hand: “I’m right here!” Hopefully that will gradually transition to “Ja, Hier bin Ich!”

The teacher and teaching assistant Zoë had made each student a bouquet filled with candies, school supplies and treats. It’s called a Schultüte or “School Cone” and each child gets one on the first day of their school career, generally when they enter school for the first time at six years old. How special! Lake is starting a little early at three years old, but he fits right in with the four year olds ( and there is one other three year old, a teacher’s son).

Lake is clearly pleased to be part of Birgit Zischke’s Kindergarten class. GLS rents classroom space from the Villa Academy in Laurelhurst, and holds their school from 0930 to 1200 on Saturday mornings. In the Kindergarten classroom on the fourth floor Lake quickly took a seat and felt right at home.

Meanwhile I slipped out, trusting for the best, and walked the extensive Villa Academy property down to the shores Lake Washington to calm and refresh my nerves. We did it! A perfect start to a new school year and new chapter in Lake’s education. I’m glad we’re spending it with you GLS!

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