Swimming Lessons

When he heard she was taking swim lessons, Lake was so excited to join his friend Piper at the pool. So after wistfully and exuberantly watching on the sidelines for one week we were able to get him enrolled to join the toddler swim class. He was apprehensive Mostly just about the shower mostly. He did it! Triumphant smiles after the pre-pool rinse. So proud and ready for swimming!

„I‘m going to look like a zebra in the pool“

That’s what he said while putting on his swimsuit.

He told me he doesn’t need a teacher because he already knows how to swim. Such confidence! Baba had taught him a bit over the summers. I told him even Olympic swimmers have swim teachers- okay they’re usually referred to as coaches! He seems to be continuing to take to swimming lessons and the pool like a “duck to water!”

It helps to have a friend to learn and grow with! Today after his third lesson Lake even washed his hair in the shower! I perfect day… I’m glad I spent it with you at the pool -Lake and Piper.