Baby Sister

It’s a joy and privilege to share my blessing of this pregnancy with Lake. He’s so sweetly engaged. He says he is also pregnant with a baby brother. He says then we will have three kids: two brothers and one sister. Such logical mathematical calculations! Then we’re reminded that he’s three… He says he has eleven babies. Mr. Silky is his baby. Mr. Cat is his baby. Langley is is baby. Then there’s Baby Sister and Baby Brother. So many babies… eleven!

Sometimes Lake asks me when she’s going to pop out of my tummy! Baby Sister is getting bigger… we’re at 23 weeks now and she’s about 12″ long weighing and two pounds. Lake likes to cuddle Baby Sister and is excited to share a room and his toys with her. Big Brother can teach her so much! The whole family is enjoying this blessing and the journey.

A perfect day. A perfectly lovely pregnancy. I’m so glad to share it with you!