Adventures of the Meerkat by Duane Murphy

NanaBaba sent this picture to Lake. (I think they miss him and were thinking fondly on his summer visits at Newman Lake.) Lake asked what Meerkat was doing in the tractor and Duane Murphy wrote back with this story:

I would like you to please pass on to Lake the following adventures of Meercat.  It is the story behind his being inside the tractor.

Lynn and I were headed down to Turtle Rock in the swamp the other day.  Leaving in the rowboat.  At the last minute Meer wanted to come.   He didn’t have a life preserver,  but we said he could come without it,  being that he is really an excellent swimmer.  

We had a wonderful time, stopping at Pride Rock on the way there.  We explored around Turtle rock and actually saw a couple of Moose!   Meerkat threw some rocks off of the top of Turtle Rock into the lake.

Everyone tired out,  we rowed back home.    On the way back, Meerkat fell sound asleep in the boat.   After we tied up at our dock,  we didn’t want to wake him, so left him sleeping in the boat.

Earlier in the day,  Lynn had been washing the beach toys, cleaning them up to put away for the winter.  The green Tractor and the lime green Van had extra water trapped inside of them,  so they were left next to the outdoor fire to dry a bit.  They were on the small wooden table across the path from the fire.

And when Meerkat woke up from his nap in the boat,  that table is exactly where he found the tractor and the Van.   The wind was blowing cold,  so he climbed inside the tractor and promptly went back to sleep.   Later, when Nana brought the vehicles into the house,  Meerkat crawled out the window to pose for that picture!

He wants to know if he can spend the winter here in the cabin,  and Nana and I both said Yes!

Love you guys!         Baba