Lake is a funny guy. An entertainer. Inquisitive. Clever. A jokester.

Lake still wears the blue star pants Our first au pair Joanna-Denise Baykal brought for him from Germany when he was seven months old! Yesterday when we were putting them on-he chose them-he wanted to know who made them. “Did Jo make them? Did Julia make them?” I looked at the tag. All it says is “handmade “. Hausgemacht I said. They are handmade but I don’t know who made them. It doesn’t say.

Lake paused a beat “Did hand make them?” he joked, then laughed hilariously. Then he kept asking “Did Hand make them?” “Did Hand made them!?” and laughing. We both thought it was so funny!

The funny guy himself pictured here with Piper enjoying the day at Greenlake. A perfect day. A perfect joke. I’m glad I’m sharing these moments with you.

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