O, Tannenbaum

Let’s take it down on Summer. Is that when it’s called when you have to have sandals on?



Let’s take it down on Summer.

Well it isn’t quite summer, in fact it’s mid-snowstorm, but it is mid-January and so we finally took our tree down last night. It was the most beautiful tree we ever did see. Whenever I would make a mention of taking it down, Lake would plead to leave it up. Preferably until summertime. I had to agree it’s so festive and pretty. Nearly brushing the ceiling it was truly handsome and stately. The best part was the feeling it emanated and therefore it was more of a symbol of the richness created by the fabric of family. Admiring each ornament as we hung them with care and reminiscing the fond memories associated with their origins (miniature wooden clogs from my visit to Holland in 1989! Tiny reindeer skin boots from the Laplanders! A Nutcracker from the ballet! Saint Nick hauling a Christmas tree from the Newfoundland carting event! My aunt Karen’s hand crocheted lace snowflakes! Lake’s hand print! A little Christmas pillow I sewed in Girl Scouts!) as well as their continued annual enjoyment. (I remember this one from last year!)

The tree symbolizes the tradition we’re creating with Lake and our whole new (growing) family. We’re extremely blessed to have as part of the tradition Nana finding the tree at a tree farm and setting it up in situ. This year Lake helped her select the tree from the farm too! A perfect day, a perfect season, a perfect tree, I’m glad to be creating and sharing these rituals with you!