Das Kind kommt bald

We’re getting good and ready! NanaBaba generously have Lake this week while Vivien is enjoying the island life on Maui, rocking her new bikinis and enjoying a babymoon of her own. This leaves Michael and me to settle in to the coming of the babbette, and to savor each other’s company with fewer competing demands on our attention.

They say each child is different and each pregnancy is different. In my experience so far this is true to some extent. There are common elements to the pregnancy, and a few different challenges. Common elements have been the joy, glow and increased propensity for naps and need to retire early to sleep. The main difference is that my belly is huge and something or someone is pressing on my sciatic nerve making walking excruciatingly painful. The late stages’ debilitating sciatica of this pregnancy have been very challenging since this Mama is someone who so loves to walk and be active!

The silver lining I suppose is that it forced me (through tears!) to slow down and take a break. Now I’m on temporary disability for the last few days/weeks until Lakelette is born. I’m able to rest and nest and channel the cats: lying fireside, eating, sleeping, resting, stretching, meditating and going outside intermittently for some fresh air.

The feline energy is a very good teacher for getting into parasympathetic mode. Baby Sister and I are doing what we can to prepare for the next big evolution in our relationship. Overall we are feeling incredibly blessed. These are perfect days to spend so intentionally together with you.