Lake is Four

Lake is four! We went on a hike to Lake Twenty-Two to celebrate. Vivien and Lady Kitty and I. It was a perfect day.

Meanwhile the birthday boy is celebrating with Nanababa in Quinault. They’re off the grid out at Big Creek eating birthday cake and having a great adventure, surely. He was very excited that he was going to get to drive the truck through the creek with Baba. That’s the kind of present and parties this four year old loves. Getting to see Nana after two months of quarantine was the best gift ever.

Back in Seattle packages keep showing up at our doorstep. Lots more presents and love are waiting patiently for when you get back home, Lake.

Piper wishing you a happy fourth birthday!
Lady Kitty is celebrating your life every day!

We love you, Lake! You’re perfectly delightful. Four years old… and such a bright, engaging and entertaining guy! You’re always with me. I carry you around in my heart. Happy Birthday!

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