Lake Twenty-two 2.0

The Lake Twenty-two Trail in the Mt. baker Snoqualmie National Forest is so lush and relaxing we had to return… and bring the boys too. The whole family piled into the Egg and drove back out to the Mountain Loop Highway. This time, knowing how popular the hike is, we woke up early to get ahead of most of the teens with amplified base strapped to their packs. The trail crew had been there and cut out all the blow downs we had navigated around last week. Feels to good to be in the mountains and to breathe the mountain air.

Back on the trail again…
Lady Kitty is quite the hiker!
The boys take in the the majestic waterfalls
Lake Twenty-two. All the ice melted out over the past week.

Lake loved it. He did great with all 2.7 miles of trail up to the lake… and back! Sometimes we were hiking through little rivers, and sometimes the rocks we were navigating were taller than his legs. He was a “proffy” [professional] hiker! Vivien told him that and he kept repeating it as he skipped, ran and jumped along the trail. He alone among us was not totally bushed at the end of this perfect day!

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