Lake having a snack before bedtime: I keep eating… like a baby dinosaur!

Later during the tuck-in, after our “songs (Katie, Twinkle, Baby Boats, Lake-Bake, and Chin Song) and a cuddle”, and a kiss (only on the lips Mama)…

Mama: have a blessed sleep, my love.

Lake: What does ‘blessed’ mean?

Mama: Wrapped up in the safety and grace of God, and God is love so it means sleeping all wrapped up in a cloud of love.

He was quiet, taking that in. I think he liked it.

Blessed (and lucky) boy! He found this himself.

Lake is learning new words every day. He still says ointmeal for oatmeal but he no longer says hopspital. Now he clearly enunciates hospital. He maintains a mild interest in speaking German. “How do you say that ‘very’?”


Ich liebe dich sehr viel.”

“Ich liebe dich auch sehr viel, Lake.”

Lake is four years old. He’s growing so tall and charming. They both are! Lady Kitty is nearly four months old already! Blessed be.

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