Nana came to town and we’re so thrilled, especially Lake! They’re quite a pair. Nana commemorated our Greenlake walk this evening with a bunch of tree themed jokes. Nana is something else…endlessly creative! She made up these jokes on the spot for the occasion.

Which tree can you ride on? Horse chestnut

Which tree can you sit in? Cedar (seater)

Which tree is always sad? Weeping willow

Which tree has allergies? Cashew tree (a-choo!)

Which tree is not as healthy? Sycamore

And these jokes brought to mind in a flash the answer to a riddle crafted by Justin West that I’d been stumped on since the 30th of May:

What’s a contemplative tree? Ponderosa pine

And I cannot resist including Eve Bratman’s original tree themed joke:

What’s a mathematical tree? Trigonometry

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