Where the Wilder Things Are

Lake put on his flowered headdress and he was a coyote. He jumped his wilder jumps and gnashed his wilder teeth. He simultaneously protected and terrorized mama and daddy’s blanket covered pile of “cats”. Luckily Missy was represented by a stuffy because “Missy” quickly became this coyote’s breakfast. If Lake were Max, he might have been sent to bed without any supper, except Lake was not Max. Lake was Lake the coyote and he caught and ate his own breakfast. He carried her around in his jaws, tail and paws dangling out of an oatmeal canister!

Such is lake life in the morning.

In the evening things are a tad less wild but no less hilarious.

At dinner Lake entertains us all with his whimsey. He says, “This soymilk makes my teeth damp! …This corn, when I bite into it, makes my teeth hurt. I need to sharpen my teeth again! …That bee is trying to make honey out of me!”

A perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you.

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