Magic Milkies 

It might make things better. 

It usually does 

Occasionally antibiotics are required.

Magic Milkies have been making life consistently better in our household for more than five years. I’ve enjoyed a long run of breastfeeding both my children.

Recently Lady Kitty suffered a long bout of illness with a fiercely stubborn upper respiratory infection that morphed into an ear infection. I took her to Children’s Hospital (channeling all my duchess strength*) after she spiked a 103 F fever several weeks into the fight. She’s in the middle of her 10 day course of antibiotics now, and finally her ear pain and ear infection is resolved, and she stands an excellent chance of completely clearing this nasty bug!

I’ve been literally nursing her back to health, as there have been nearly a month of sleepless nights where she insists to drink all night long. I know she’s finally feeling a bit better because some of her playfulness is returning. She takes a break from the Magic Milkies and gives me raspberries on my stomach and then smiles and laughs with a twinkle in her eye. Now hopefully our funny girl will make a full recovery and she can resume sleeping through the night – and then Mama can too!

Still sick, but working hard at recovery – almost there!

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