On Inspirement and Compassion

The gift of sibling love and compassion. 📸 Jason Gerend

Today’s pearl is coming to you compliments of Brené Brown, and is this quote from Harvard clinical psychologist Chris Germer PhD: “compassion is love plus suffering. So, when suffering meets love and stays loving, then we have compassion. A moment of compassion is always a kind of mixture between suffering and love, but compassion is also a positive emotion… it transforms the experience of suffering into something positive. That’s compassion.

“Often when love meets suffering, it turns into fear, it turns into anger, it turns into disgust, it turns into aversion because we just get overwhelmed. But if we can stay loving, then we have compassion. So compassion is actually a taller order than love because suffering is a challenge to love.”

And the cute quotes are coming in strong from the kiddos. As always it’s difficult to capture them all, but here are a few gems.

Lady Kitty on a film Lake wanted to watch, when she came running to me and Lake had his head under the sofa pillow: Iss wery swery [it’s very scary]. But iss not a lot of swery [scary].

Lake: I got the “inspire-ment” of have pirates in my legs because there’s pirates in Porco Rosso.

Lake, said, in response to me passing on almond cake for dessert because I had a big piece for breakfast along with my protein bar said,

“Wow, you’re… That’s really living a life!“

Lady Kitty, “I like aw-mon cake. I love aw-mon cake this much. That’s a lotta much!”

We hope your day includes some sweetness and compassion— that’s really living a life, as Lake would say!