Bainbridge Birthday 

Lake loves a ferry ride! He’s a true Washingtonian. He’s a regular frequenter of the Washington State ferry system by now. Yesterday we look the bus then the light rail downtown to the ferry terminal. It was raining a deluge as we left our building so at the last minute, inspired by Lake’s rain suit, I ran back inside for my snow pants. I was so glad I did. I ended up being so cozy in the wind and the rain, we were able to go up on deck. Here we are reveling in the Seattle skyline from the Bainbridge Island ferry. 

The metro guy said he took us for Europeans. I couldn’t stop smiling. I think it was the snow pants.

We traveled out to Bainbridge Island for the weekend prompted by our nephew Benny’s third birthday. Auntie Kendra and her two boys are visiting from Ketchikan, enjoying the amenities of the lower 48. They come down at least once a year to stay for a few weeks with Grandma Julie and Grandpa Greg at their Bainbridge Island forest estate.

We had a lot of good times. Michael got to spend some cherished sister time. The grandparents, auntie, and cousins all got a good dose of charming Baby Lake. Benny was well fêted and we had a perfect three year old family birthday dinner of “soup and bread”, his favorite. 

Where’s Benny? Can you see? He’s three!

Family fun:

This video doesn’t exist

​All the merriment really wore Lake out! So during nap time Michael and I took the opportunity for some beach and forest time around the Rolling Bay Area while Grandma watched over her little flock of sheep. And then all too soon the weekend draws to a close and we are back at home tucked into cozy beds there. Meanwhile some of us are now a whole year older. Congratulations Benjamin, thanks for including us. Congratulations to father as well who turned 71 today! Quite a slick accomplishment to fit into the span of a weekend! Steady on!

Lake sleeping peacefully without regard for daylight savings.

2 thoughts on “Bainbridge Birthday 

  1. Soooo pretty and warm! Lake napped a cozy two hours in that heirloom cloud. He adores natural fibers and his favorite “toys” are my silk scarves shawls and cashmere or mohair blankets! Plus, he is rich with gorgeous fluffy sheep skin rugs. Merci Grandmere Julie!


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