It’s happening. The career-mum plan is unfolding and “transition time” is here. I am preparing to return to work on Monday. I’ve been mining the Work-Life Balance resources for the past few months to coordinate this. Childcare, daycare, au pair. I hope the name holds true “work-life balance”. Lake will be starting daycare at the Harborview affiliated Bright Horizons on Monday: when I go in to work he will be accompanying me. We visited this Bright Horizons facility yesterday where he will be spending his days. It comes with the highest recommendations for quality early childhood development. We got oriented to Lake’s new “Little School” and there were introductions all around. Lots of babies, curious and crying babies, and nice smiling ladies. Then I left for a one hour trial.

Lake chilling in the Infant Room

Thankfully I met a friend who was just getting off work and we were able to spend the hour going for a distracting walk down to the Seattle waterfront. I was a nervous wreck to leave Lake chilling on the floor. But once Clarence and I got walking through the late afternoon sunshine we didn’t want to turn back. We walked down the hill to Pioneer Square and along the waterfront to the Great Wheel and the Seattle Aquarium. It was great to be outside and it felt a bit naked not to have Lake with me enjoying the sights as well. 

It was such a pretty day! Cold but sunny!
We were back right on time. Lake was comforted to see me when we returned. He was crying on the floor where I had left him. The nice care providers assured me if had only decompensated a few moments before. It reaffirmed our glad decision to be welcoming our family au pair in the new year. Until then, this is our privileged adventure. I picked him up, gave him a hug and told him he had been so brave and that I loved him. As you can see, I was joyful to be reunited! 

Happy Mummy!

In the evening Lake and I walked back downtown together. We went to Pacific Place to meet cousin Laura for some celebratory shopping.  Surprisingly we found Christmas music and decorations awaiting us! 

Santa Clause’s Lap Chair all ready and waiting!
This morning I woke up, and I thought 

What a surreal day! Did that all happen?

I think it did indeed. Wish us all luck and a bon voyage! Today we are off to visit Nana and Grandpa for our finalé weekend capping a phenomenal maternity leave!

One thought on “Surreal

  1. So heart breaking to leave him and “let go” a little.
    You’re going to be a busy momma. Maybe it will be good to have him so close to your work for the 1st little while in case of meltdowns (his and yours!)

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