Wedding Date

Last  week on Saturday evening (May 13th) Michael and I had a wedding date! We fêted Nina and Tyler Suddith, and as the bride and the groom, they represented the newest of the newlyweds (and lovely charming ones at that!). We, however, were feeling pretty newlyweded ourselves. We fully reveled in enjoying being wedding guests. Since Nana and Grandpa were in town kicking off their Fabulous 10 Day Grandparents Nanny Tour of 2017, we went on our own. We had such fun going out together sans baby. We felt like we were teenagers at junior/senior prom!

The wedding and reception were at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse. While the evening poured rain off and on, we were cozy inside and could wander outside every so often for a breath of fresh air and a breathtaking panorama. 

My favorite part of the wedding celebration, besides spending time with loved ones: my husband, Bridget Haupt and Rachel Beardshear to name a few, and honoring Tyler and Nina, were the caterers [Big] Jon and “Sweet Mary”. The clear highlight was the hush puppies! Totally delicious and totally gluten free/vegan cornbreads deep fried on a popsicle stick. Big Jon wouldn’t give out his recipe! Man! A memorable wedding night. All the best to Tyler and Nina! A perfect wedding day, and a perfect wedding date!

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