Cirque du Soleil

Last night we all went to the big top at Marymoor Park in Redmond for the visiting circus show. Grandparents treat: The Cirque du Soleil! Nana has created a lovely tradition of taking the family to see the traveling circus when it’s in town. We all love the Cirqu du Soleil. The performance and the performers are consistently breathtaking. This tour is Luzia, a Mexican tribute. Incredibly beautiful, high energy and uplifting. It even included water falling from above! Lake loved it! He was jumping up and down in his seat throughout the whole performance. Haha, I should clarify, his seat was my lap. He was jumping up and down in my arms and on my lap for most of the circus. We all got a good workout! I think it was also perhaps Lake’s first big crowd. The whole experience of spectators, performers, performance, set installation and music was bigger than life! Luzia elicited unbridled joy. Michael created an apt acronym for the show that is too good not to share:

Look Up, Zounds! It’s Acrobatics.

Super fun! Super Lake! Super Luzia!

Gracias Cirque du Soleil! Gracias Nana!

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